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Intercultural coaching

Dialogues between cultures create new impulses leading to re-evaluation of one’s own perspective and lifestyle. It is in our interest that you should benefit from intercultural cooperation, both in your private life and in business.

You are planning to establish business contacts with partners in Germany?

Intercultural coachingIn this case, we would recommend a course on specific features of life in Germany, which is conducted by our binational coaching team.

This is how you get to learn about cultural differences. Thus, you will be able to steer clear of any misunderstandings or unnecessary conflicts in real life situations.

The content of intercultural coaching may include:

  • Historical, geographical and cultural, socio-political aspects,
  • Culturally conditioned values and attitudes,
  • Rules of communication in one’s native country and in the new country, •Avoiding sensitive issues and language barriers,
  • Management and leadership styles,
  • Attitude to expectations, agreements and negotiations; contract structures; networking with business partners and colleagues
  • Code of conduct at meetings
  • Business etiquette (addressing interlocutors, gifts, business lunches, dress code).

Would you like to expand your knowledge about social and business life in Germany?

In this case we can recommend our individual coaching or intercultural training in small groups as an introduction to German culture and mentality. You will learn through our coaching how to best present your concepts, ideas and information in Germany to make sure you will be fully understood. The knowledge gained will help you improve your business ties, working conditions and relationships between you and your German colleagues.

Our subjects are:

  • Features of communication and information dissemination in Germany
  • Business life in Germany
  • Private life in Germany
  • Conflict management and management in culture

Are you planning to return to your native country after many years in Germany?

The returnees always say that going back to their homelands after many years in Germany is more difficult than  the integration.  They have to go through the process of reintegration in their old country in terms of business, private, social and cultural adjustment. Many years of adopting German customs has changed their worldview and thus probably caused estrangement from their own culture. The returnees need to try hard to be accepted in their old social enviroment. In addition, they may also be frustrated in their new business environment.

Possible content of individual or small group coaching:

  • Looking back at the years spent abroad – facing and accepting the changes in one’s own value system
  • Returning to a foreign land: What has changed in the home country?
  • Challenges after the return
  • Personal changes and personal development
  • Plans about the future

Our coaching, either individual or in small groups, is primarily based on your needs. Everything you get from us will be useful on your future path.

In addition to this, we can offer the planning and organisation of cultural events.


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Are you looking for a job in Germany?
We can offer consulting on legal regulations, your potentials and prospects, and provide you with a brief written guide adapted to your needs.

Are you looking for top quality translation services?
Our translators are language experts who are native speakers of the target languages.

Are you planning to retire?
We can offer consulting on legal regulations, your rights and obligations, and provide you with a brief written guide customized to suit your needs. The relevant institutions may be contacted, if required.

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Business consulting services may be provided in a package with translation services. Fast and reliable.

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